9/62019 UPDATES

We have added bios and abstracts for our keynote speakers under the Keynote Speakers section.

We’ve also updated the Getting Around section (which can be found in the drop-down menu for Conference). It contains useful information about transportation and WiFi in Tokyo.

8/20/2019 UPDATES

We have added and updated the Transportation Information.

8/19/2019 UPDATES

As of the July 15th deadline, the Call for Proposals has been closed. We sincerely thank everyone who submitted a proposal, and express our regrets that we cannot accept any new proposals as this time.

General Registration for Non-speaker Participants will open on August 25th (JPT). Please see the Conference Registration page for details. Non-speakers will be allowed to attend both the panels and the banquets. Non-speakers from abroad may request to attend the additional activities based on available space. Non-speaker registration will close when we have reached capacity for the conference rooms we have booked. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.